Motor’s in!

So as you can see I had a productive weekend, managed to get the engine and gearbox in which is great. No you eyes are not playing tricks on you that is a v8! M62b44tu. 4.4 litre v8 with vanos. Can’t wait to hear her running! Now that I know both engine and gearbox will […]


Exams time. .

Updates are slow on this at the moment because i’m flat out studying for my end of year exams. As many of yeah know I went back to collage to study Mechanical Engineering in GMIT. Its been a massive change going back to collage for me as a mature student, the level you have to […]


Joy of tools

I’ve always enjoyed the truth and reality of the saying ” the right tool for the job” and the more you work,learn and build the more this Cry’s out too you. Now we can always redneck it or as the yanks say pull a macgyver and make something work or find a solution when we […]



Here at custom contours we can also carry out extensive repairs to bikes, trikes, choppers, mopeds and scooters. which include dent removal from tanks and fairings, plastic welding to cracks and breaks, paint restoration. we can also provide a custom paint service for full resprays to parts and frames! This ZX6rR had been dropped on […]


KE70 20valve

This KE70 is a hard find on the shores of ireland. it arrived at our doors one monday morning. .start the tare down. The car its self was in good condition, the owner jason had already flared the rear arches and then we took over,    We fitted fiberglass flared front wings and custom moulded […]


Honda Heavens CRX

 The lads at Honda Heaven came back to us the following summer with there next venture. . A Honda CRX which they can use to compete and promote there specialist honda breakers, the shell went origanially over to cunningham motorsport to have the multipointcage fitted, once back at our shop it was our turn. first […]


Honda Heavens PS13

  Liam Hession came to us with his 600 horses PS13. As every one in motorsport knows after many many days on and off the track the car can have a hard life. especially the inside cabin. anythink from dirt, grime grease and leftover tyre shreds. Liam once came home with the soul off his […]


70’s Beetle

This 70’s VW Bettle arrived to us as a DIY project. So it was up to use to finish the bodywork and get her painted. . We always love helping people out with the finale steps of there projects because you really get a sense of the car and what it means to there owners! […]


EK Civic Coupe

Well it all started when Chris came to us with the idea about building his 98 civic and turning it into a show car. . he wanted the outside as subtle as possible and the bay as mental as can be! This is what follows! First on the list was to fit the lsd style […]

E30 325 Convertible

When Mikes E30 came in, it was in pretty poor shape. Mike knew exactly what he wanted it to be, but that’s as far it went. Some panels were dented, some missing! The exterior of the car was in need of a complete overhaul. This was never going to be a “paint it and sell […]

Custom Contours

Welcome fellow petrol heads. . my names Ashley Croghan and this is my blog. Its a place i like to share my love for cars and the work i do and anythink else cool i get up too. thanks for following and please feel free to write or contact me Enjoy!!